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27 February 2007 @ 05:47 pm
The Influence of Deity -- Invitation to Share  
hollyhearth's mention of her relationship with Oshun has set me to wondering about how different forms of deity have figured in our sexual lives in a positive way.

Who has inspired you? Healed you? Brought you clarity? Heightened your passions? Brought you to ecstasy?

Casting back over my own experiences, I had a powerful experience of sexual/relationship healing working with The Descent of Inanna. I've gained clarity about myself reflecting on the Greek goddesses as archetypes by reading and journaling about Jean Shinoda Bolen's wonderful book Goddesses in Everywoman. The Goddess of Sovereignty (who goes by many names) has been a longtime companion, influencing my romantic and sexual life even before I knew of Her existence. And most recently, Freyja has been a participant in my sex life, invoked by one of my lovers.

I encourage everyone to share in original posts, not just leave comments here. Start your own threads about working with different gods/goddesses/spirits/archetypes so we can ask questions and share ideas.
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